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You Talking To Me?!
Bite-Size Hollywood History - with Plenty of Bite

From the shenanigans on the set of Caddyshack to the dangers of messing with Carrie Fisher. From how A Charlie Brown Christmas barely got made to how Michael Keaton almost ruined Batman. From that scary femme fatale named Vampira to the origin of TV favorite The Simpsons. From the perils of Taylor Swift’s sweater to the rise and fall and rise again of Robert Downey Jr. From Dexter’s REAL “Dark Passenger” to the ORIGINAL version of JAWS 3 - a comedy. 


Twice a week - every week. 3 minutes to revel in the famous lives you either wish you had or are glad you don’t.

From the people who brought you Wondery’s INSIDE JAWS, INSIDE THE EXORCIST, and INSIDE PSYCHO comes…



Bite-size Hollywood history - with plenty of bite. 

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